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July 2017

FBA continues to grow and we are pleased to announce the addition of 3 new lawyers to our legal team : Sophie Lecomte, Catherine Vaillancourt-Gauvreau and Laurent Koné. You want to become part of our team? We just opened a new position.

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April 2017
FBA Solutions in association with JurisRéférence allows the public to access, in a timely manner, legal information covering various everyday life situations, in many fields of law. 


With its customized and innovative solutions associated with legal protection, assistance programs and product warranties, the team at FBA does everything in its power—including manage programs—to help you give your clients the attentive, friendly, impeccable service they expect.

FBA believes that the quality and inventivity of its services provide the perfect opportunity for you to develop professional contacts with your clients. FBA's approach helps you stand out in a positive way and optimize your product or service offer.