Information and referral phone line

FBA gives your customers access to a team of professional nurses with at least five years of experience to answer all of their general and health-related questions. By talking to our nurses, they will be able to make more informed health decisions for themselves and their family. This service will also help alleviate concerns about:

  • Various diseases
  • Medications
  • Allergies
  • Child development
  • Vaccines
  • Etc.

People also find our referrals to local resources very useful. We make referrals to:

  • Childcare centres
  • Senior citizen centres
  • Suicide prevention centres
  • Qualified professionals (medical specialists, speech therapists, psychologists, and so on – both from the private and public sectors)

Nursing Service

FBA will send a nurse to your customer’s home to provide the care needed for recovery. Upon recommendation by the physician, the nurse may:

  • Give injections following a serious illness
  • Change dressings, etc.

Childcare Service

In emergency situations, FBA will dispatch a certified caregiver to your customer’s home. Families, especially single-parent families, appreciate the security provided when:

  • A child gets sick
  • A parent gets sick

Housekeeping Service

When a patient comes home from hospital after surgery, a serious illness or treatment, or a mother returns home after a complicated delivery, we’ll quickly send out an experienced housekeeper to do light housework. The housekeeper will do:

  • Laundry
  • Dishes
  • Light meals, etc.

Companion service for those returning from hospital

If rest is required for health reasons after surgery, a serious illness or treatment, FBA will send someone to your customer’s home to provide companionship during the recovery period.

Moral support

FBA will provide professional telephone support to your customers who are going through a difficult time:

  • Accident
  • Death
  • Serious illness
  • Separation, divorce
  • Depression, suicide
  • Problems with drinking, drugs or gambling
  • Postpartum problems
  • Etc.

Dietitian’s assistance

The Dietitians can answer all your nutrition-related questions over the phone. Whether you have health concerns such as weight loss, cholesterol, diabetes, allergies, and intolerances; or have questions about sports nutrition or age-specific nutrition (children, elderly); or are simply looking to improve you eating habits, our Dietitians can assist you.

 « I had hip surgery and needed housekeeping assistance: meals prepared, cleaning and clothes washed. I wanted the service to start the week after my surgery. I got the help I needed on time and the person assigned was also able to assist me with activities at home since she was also an auxiliary. Thank you. »

M. T., client of the Health Assistance Service