Referrals to pre-qualified professionals

Our referral service draws on a network of approved service providers, and searches are tailored to your customer’s needs.

For example, FBA’s Home Assistance service provides referrals and advice on home repairs, maintenance and renovation. Areas of referral:

  • Electrical, plumbing or heating problems
  • Major renovation work
  • Information on renovation grants
  • Etc.

Everyday Assistance

This service is designed to answer your customer’s questions on how to deal with a problem or emergency situation. Guidance will be provided to identify and solve the problem. Our staff will answer questions and direct your customer to the appropriate resources for assistance in resolving various home and family situations, including finding:

  • a retirement home
  • home care
  • childcare centre
  • community health care and much more

With the FBA Home Assistance program, your customers have access to our certified suppliers across Canada who offer discounts on certain purchases and other benefits.


« Many thanks to all of you at the Home Assistance line who do such excellent work to help us choose the best home services possible. You provide a welcome and very beneficial service. »

S. M. and R. M., clients of the Home Assistance Service