Road Assistance

Trip planning for the entire family

  • Tailored trip planning with detailed road maps to requested destination, approximate travel times, points of interest and local attractions
  • Travel safety advice

Road Assistance

Your customers will get the roadside help they need.

  • Comprehensive Assistance – this coverage is offered as a package:
    • Towing service
    • Battery service
    • Flat tire assistance
    • Fuel, oil and fluid delivery

Loss of keys or emergency lock-out assistance – 24 hours a day, 365 days a year in case of vehicle breakdowns or mechanical failure

Automotive Advisory Services

Specialists working at our automotive help desk provide specific information that will save your customers time and money. The following types of advice are available:

  • Mechanical advice
  • Cost comparisons for regular repairs
  • Vehicle assessments
  • Vehicle comparisons

Additional services include:

  • Car repair referrals
    • Access to our network of approved service providers
    • Support for unexpected incidents such as loss of keys, flat tires and vehicle breakdowns
    • No subscriptions or monthly/annual costs
    • Service offered on a “pay per use” basis for emergency situations

Note that all roadside services are charged to the Insured.

 « I would like to express my appreciation for the excellent customer service I received from your staff. Many thanks! »

P.W., client of the Road Assistance Service