Telephone legal assistance

The telephone legal assistance services offered by FBA help your insured get legal information covering all areas of law over the phone. This is a toll-free line providing access to an unlimited number and length of calls. Your clients can question us as often as they wish, with no time limit on calls.

A lawyer with at least 5 years of experience will answer your clients’ questions no matter what they may pertain to, from “legal accidents” to matters of legal policy.

Below are some examples of potential topics of discussion between your clients and our lawyers assigned to telephone legal assistance:

  • Separation, divorce, child custody
  • Neighbour relations
  • Mandates in case of incapacity
  • Associate relations
  • Employment contracts
  • Severance pay in the event of termination
  • Warranty issues associated with equipment purchases
  • Ethical issues within a professional context
  • Contractual disputes associated with the purchase of a home or car



Legal assistance consists in a legal
information telephone line.

Legal insurance comprises two aspects: 

1.  A telephone information line

2.  The indemnification of legal fees


« At FBA, we take all the time we need to really listen to the people who use our services. Gaining a clear understanding of their issues is essential to guide them in the legal steps they may have to take. We love helping them develop a strategy and assessing the various options available to them. Knowledge of the law is crucial, but so, too, is the human side of things. »

Diane Bélanger, president