Legal insurance

The legal insurance programs developed by FBA provide assistance to the insured to help them find one or more solutions to a legal problem. Using this tool, your insured will not only be equipped to deal with “legal accidents” but they will also know their rights, avoid problems and, often, find much simpler solutions than anticipated.

FBA offers a full suite of legal insurance products tailored to your customers' needs; they cover:

  • Various disputes;
  • Lawyers’s fees, notary’s fees, external expenses and legal costs.

In addition, our legal insurance services include support and assistance for the claim and indemnification process.

  • Claim acceptance/denial
  • Explanation of coverage to the insured and lawyer
  • Insured support throughout the claim process
  • Discussions with the lawyer to manage fees
  • Payment tracking

 « It is a pleasure to get to help people going through what can be a difficult or stressful time in their life. In return, it is very gratifying to see their trust in us. In fact, our monthly surveys reveal a very high satisfaction rate, and constructive comments help us identify ways in which we can improve. »


Marie-Lyne Evoy, lawyer
Legal Services Manager