Who we are

In business across Canada since 1998, FBA offers its clients a comprehensive range of legal protection services, including legal assistance and insurance and identity theft assistance/insurance. It also offers the design and implementation of an array of customized telephone assistance programs.

FBA’s biggest strength is the close relations that it has established with each of its clients, primarily large insurance companies, financial institutions, professional and sports associations, companies, etc. This special relationship rests on a team of experienced professionals, unfailingly thorough service delivery, an innovative approach and clear and open communications.

The result is a relationship of trust that helps FBA’s client companies get closer to their own clients and continually improve the value of their products and services.

« Knowledge of the law is crucial, but so is the human side of things. »

FBA takes the lead in Canada, serving as a pioneer in legal protection with its comprehensive services covering legal insurance, telephone legal assistance and identity theft assistance and insurance programs. 

“We do everything in our power to ensure that our clients appreciate and repeat their experience with us. Our quality assurance program meets the highest criteria for customer service. Satisfaction surveys conducted with our clients on a regular basis help us continually improve the way we work.”

Diane Bélanger, LL.B., President – FBA