Concierge services

Having access to FBA Solutions' concierge services is opening up a whole world of possibilities!

Corporate or VIP concierge services

Whether it is for a business program dedicated to companies or for a perk for families or individuals, our concierges will find the appropriate ressources to meet the needs. Organize a meeting, book tickets, search excursions, museums, theatre plays… everything is within reach for your clients and members with the help of our concierges who will keep surprising them with their ingenuity and with the quality of their service.


Stuck with an impossible present hunting, in search of rare objects or  simply in search of inspiration ?

Calling an FBA Solutions’ concierge rhymes with “found it” !

Concierge service for travels

Before, during, or after a trip, our concierges are devoted to helping your clients and members. Vaccines, customs, visas, meeting abroad, wedding on a beach, birthday cruise, last-minute arrangements, tourist information, housing and points of interest ; FBA Solutions’ concierges guide and advise, but most importantly, put their large network, here and abroad, at work for the benefit of your clients and members.