Assistance solutions

Legal assistance

Legal assistance gives access to FBA Solutions' team of lawyers. These experts, having at least five years of experience in civil and Common Law, put their knowledge to good use for your clients and members.

ID theft assistance

Identity theft assistance is valuable in the prevention of theft and fraud, and can go as far as identity restoration assistance.

Human ressources assistance

Benefit from having lawyers teaming up with human ressources experts to answer all of your questions regarding workforce management policies, including labour law.

Financial assistance

Financial assistance supports SMEs and individuals helping them maintain sound financial management.

Health assistance

Complete program of medical and paramedical care offered to complement the services of the public program. Give your clients and members access to healthcare professionals having at least five years of experience in their respective areas (nurses, doctors, occupational therapists, etc.).

Dietitian assistance

Access to experienced dietitians for all issues linked to nutrition : allergies, diet, eating disorders, labelling and others.

Concierge services

Nothing is too hard to find for our concierges that know how to unearth sought-after tickets, make reservations to trendy restaurants, find the rare object you were looking for or offer advice and support for hassle-free trips.

Travel Assistance

All over the world, our concierges can contribute to make your business or leasure trips a memorable event.

Home assistance

FBA Solutions helps prevent and solve problems linked to your residence with its home assistance programs, ranging from urgent repairs to helping you find useful resources in your area.

Roadside assistance

Take the wheel confident that everything will go smoothly with FBA Solutions' roadside assistance that includes not only assistance in the case of an emergency, but also the planning of upcoming trips.

Pet assistance

FBA Solutions' veterinary assistants and veterinaries take care of your clients' and members' cats and dogs as if they were their own.

Real estate and mortgage assistance

Bank on the best professional mortgage and real estate resources to answer your clients' and members' questions.

Marine assistance

FBA Solutions' assistance center ensures smooth trips for boat owners with marine assistance before, during and after their boat trip.

Snowmobile and quad assistance

On snowy roads or in a deep forest trail, your clients' and members' excursion is always a success with our assistance providers making sure each stage is as pleasant as can be.