Solutions Catalog

Every solution in our catalog can be offered on its own or can be combined to exactly meet your client's expectations.

Legal Protection

Legal Insurance

Legal Assistance

Extented Legal Assistance

Mediation via Videoconference

ID Theft

Succession Assistance

Credit Cards and Important Documents Registry

Assistance Solutions

Legal Assistance

Identity Theft Assistance

Human Resources Assistance

Health Assistance

Dietititan Assistance

Travel Assistance

Concierge Services

Home Assistance

Roadside Assistance

Pet Assistance

Real Estate and Mortgage Assistance

Marine Assistance

Snowmobile and Quad Assistance

Warranties and claim management

Insurance Plans and Home Warranty (Appliances and Systems)

Protection for Credit Card Holders

Insurance and Warranty Products for Real Estate Transactions

Protection for Vehicles

Insurance and Warranty Plans for Rental Property Owners

Warranty or Insurance Plans Claim Management