We take the time required to listen to our clients and clearly understand their situation. Our goal is to provide the most relevant assistance and most effective solutions. Every time!

Clients | Legal Protection

“I know this is a bit late, but I still wish to thank (name) on the service she provided and also the template of Transaction and Release she emailed to us. The issue was settled amicably, I am happy to relay, and hopefully this will be the last problem.” Client, assistance juridique


« L’avocate nous a été bien utile et a su répondre à nos interrogations. Elle a pris le temps de chercher les informations au besoin et a pu nous guider dans le processus. Merci. », cliente, assistance vol d’identité


« L’aide reçue a été indispensable. », Client, assistance succession


« Très bonne avocate, à l’écoute , polie et courtoise. Très bon service! », Client, assistance juridique


« Nous n’avons pas encore fini de résoudre la situation, mais nous apprécions le travail de l’avocat et nous nous sentons accompagnés.» Cliente, assurance juridique


« Me Y. est la personne ressource idéale pour cette position, j’ai grandement appréciée son approche. Merci. » Cliente, assistance juridique

Clients | Assistance Solutions

“Very convienent and useful service! Thank you for all your help!!! ” Client,


“The person I dealt with was professional and quickly provided the info I required. Very pleasant experience!” Client, Concierge services


“As a widow trying to run my house on my own, it was a great relief To have the services of the knowledgable and kind and patient service people. Thank you, sincerely “Client, assistance services domiciliaires


“I got your information it’s great thank you very much. I’ll be back next year for my new trip.” Client,


“Thank you so much for you quick attention to our situation today! Talk about service we were up and running again within 2.5 hours!!!
Can’t thank you enough.» Client,


“Thank you for suggesting plumbers in Barrie who might do some plumbing repairs for me.
I had (name of company) come this morning. Andrew, the plumber was pleasant and efficient and the work was done at what I considered a reasonable cost. I wouldn’t hesitate to call him again if needed.
Again, thank you for the suggestions.
Client, home care


« Je fais beaucoup de route et je trouve utile de pouvoir avoir des conseils lorsque je dois faire réparer ma voiture loin de chez moi. Aussi, cela me rassure d’avoir accès à une assistance rapide en cas de panne. »Client, assistance routière


Clients | Insurance and warranty plans & Claim management

“I appreciate the promptness and efficiency in processing my request” Client, Warranty programs for residential systems


“It’s good to know I’m with a company that has such helpful people!”

Thank you so very much, (name of claim manager)!

I’ve said before but I’d like to say it again: you are an excellent professional and you do a great job!

⦁ You took ownership of my claim
⦁ You were knowledgeable of the process
⦁ You offered me a solution
⦁ You followed up multiple times on this process
⦁ You delivered a great result

But the upmost important:

⦁ You made me feel a valuable customer
⦁ You made me feel comfortable reviewing this case
⦁ You showed outstanding customer service skills


Please share this email with upper management, should you consider it convenient.



“First of all, I wanted to thank you for your prompt and courteous service over the past few weeks. I will be a long time (name of program) policy holder now. I’m very impressed”.
programme de garantie pour les systèmes résidentiels


“Excellent service all 3 times using (name of program)….love it”
Client, programme de garantie pour les systèmes résidentiels


“I deeply appreciate the expediency through which you handled my case. You are very fast, efficient and considerate! Your company must be happy to have someone like you!” Client, Gap warranty