Home Assistance

Home owners may have their hands full with repairs and renovations. For emergency situations or to better plan renovation works and get useful advice and great referrals, our home assistance services are what your clients and members need.

Caring for all types of houses!

Referrals to qualified service providers

FBA’s referral service draws on a network of approved service providers for home maintenance and renovations.  Our assistance providers ensure that they have adequate certifications and a liability insurance. Moreover, FBA does background checks on its suppliers. Searches are tailored to your customer ‘s or member’s needs and geographical location.



Home Assistance

FBA Solutions’ home assistance can provide your clients or members advice on grants available when renovating or building in addition to offering a referral service to its qualified suppliers :


  • Electrical, plumbing or heating problems
  • Major renovation work
  • Grants available for renovation projects


This service can be offered with a warranty plan covering the work done up to the policy coverage. An emergency referral plan can also be added and can come handy in situations such as floods, gas leak, heater breakdown, etc.  In these situations, the call to the assistance center will be treated immediately, 24/7/365.

Home concierge services

A good concierge service can ease some of the heavier burdens associated with taking care of a home or help identifying and solving various issues. Your clients and members will be referred to local ressources that have proven themselves:

  • General contractors
  • Building trades
  • General handymen
  • Gardeners
  • Snow removal teams
  • Painters
  • Building inspectors
  • Materials testing laboratories
  • Architects or engineers firms