Identity theft

Identity theft cases are growing. When one of your clients or members is a victim, FBA Solutions provides legal support to reestablish his identity. A helping hand during a stressful situation!

Prevent and solve

Annually, thousands of frauds linked to the malicious use of a living or dead person’s personal information are reported to Canadian authorities. These identity thefts can be performed through different tactics like impersonation to commit various crimes such as credit card frauds.

FBA Solutions’ services linked to identity theft range from assistance to indemnification to the reestablishment of identity after the impersonation.

Assistance : Information on what constitutes identity theft or, in the case of an incident, the steps to reestablish it. People who would like to learn the best practices to avoid the risk of such incident occurring can also benefit from assistance.

Reestablishment of identity : People who have been defrauded receive all the useful information and the necessary support to reestablish their identity and to be able to avoid such situation in the future.

Insurance : FBA Solutions’ legal protection services can also include a coverage in the case of identity theft through which legal fees and work absence or replacement fees are compensated.

In the event of an identity theft, insurance coverage is available for legal fees and for fees assumed by the insured person, up to the amount specified in the contract. Insurance coverage can also be available for :

  • Services of a specialized firm for reporting the identity theft to relevant legal and corporate institutions.
  • Salary loss as a result of work absence.
  • Expert fees such as accountants and actuaries.

FBA Solutions also offers an important documents registry service.