Legal Assistance

Our team of Civil and Common Law lawyers help your clients and members take the best decision at the right time. Depending on coverage, the service can include extended legal asssistance.

A lawyer at the other end of the line or keyboard!

Legal assistance is part of the legal protection programs. It can be offered solo or combined to other products or services. As for legal insurance, legal assistance can be made to measure for families, self-employed workers, companies and organizations of all sizes.


Legal assistance

A lawyer with at least a five-year experience will answer the legal questions of your clients and members concerning a legal issue.


Lawyers of the FBA legal team take the time to listen and understand your clients, inform them of the state of law and answer their questions so they can identify the best legal strategy to solve their issue.


Here are a few examples of topics covered by our legal team:

  • Separation, divorce, child custody
  • Neighbour relations
  • Mandates in case of incapacity
  • Associate relations
  • Employment contracts
  • Severance pay in the event of termination
  • Warranty issues associated with equipment purchases
  • Ethical issues within a professional context
  • Contractual disputes associated with the purchase of a home or car


Extended Legal Assistance

The Extended Legal Assistance goes beyond the transmission of legal information and includes theses services :

  • Document review
  • Writing of letters and legal documents
  • Information kits (family law, wills, etc.)
  • Preparation and writing of Small Claims Court proceedings  (Quebec and other juridictions)
  • Jurisprudence
  • Calls to third parties / negotiations with adverse party