Legal Insurance

Helping people in stressful or delicate situation of their life with the right legal information. Offering them a financial support to prevent or solve their dispute can make all the difference.

Legal insurance in brief

In the next three years, one out of two Canadians will be faced with a common problem that will require a legal solution. The legal insurance offers them a complete coverage to face the legal aspects of these situations. Here is how :

  1. Legal assistance to rapidly talk to a lawyer to obtain legal information on various topics.
  2. Indemnification for covered disputes. The insured can hire the lawyer of his choice. The lawyer’s fees as well as judicial and expertise fees are paid by the legal insurance up to the maximum amount provided for in the contract.

For your clients and members, let us build with you a legal protection plan that suits their needs. Legal insurance is the assurance to have a lawyer or a notary in one’s circle!

Legal insurance for families

Our family protection program is designed to give families “peace of mind” by providing them access to legal information given by a lawyer on all aspects of the law that can affect their day to day lives (Legal assistance). Family protection also provides financial assistance to cover legal fees and expenses in the event a covered dispute occurs.

The types of common legal issues range beyond what one could expect either for a victim or a person that is looking to defend his rights. The person covered by legal insurance can benefit from lawyers’ support for questions concerning breach of contract, hidden defects, situations involving an employer or for bodily injuries caused by negligence or by the wrongdoing of a third party.

Our legal team can help your clients or members enforce their rights according to a private or public compensation program (worker’s compensation and disability insurance, etc.) or be by their side if they are victim of harassment, layoff or dismissal.

Legal insurance for SME and for self-employed professionals and workers

Designed for small businesses and for self-employed workers, this product gives access to legal information on all commercial aspects concerning entrepreneurs. A lawyer answers all legal questions related to the business operations or the field of the self-employed person. In case of a dispute, the legal insurance covers the professional fees of a lawyer or notary as well as judicial fees for dispute with:

  • Clients or suppliers
  • Employees
  • Landlord or tenants

and concerning, for example:

  • Consumer protection
  • Work-related injury
  • Youth protection
  • Competition and commercial questions

Legal insurance for professionals

This legal insurance comprises legal assistance offered by lawyers to professionals or to professional associations. The lawyer answers all questions pertaining to the field of activity of the professional or association. In case of a dispute, financial help is also offered and covers the legal and judicial fees for dispute such as:

  • A judicial inquiry involving the professional in the exercise of his profession and requiring his presence.
  • An inquiry about the professional’s capacity to practice
  • An inquiry on the professionals’ right to practice or to renew the required license
  • A disciplinary inquiry or complaint
  • Criminal or penal charges (only if the professional is acquitted)

Legal insurance for employees (companies and organizations)

This program is offered to employers looking to add benefits to their group insurance or membership. It can be accessible to regular staff as well as part-time employees. It gives employees access to a lawyer providing telephone legal assistance on everyday legal questions (consumer rights, bodily injuries, hidden defects, family law, etc.). The coverage gives them also a financial indemnification to cover lawyer or judicial fees in case a covered dispute occurs.

Legal insurance for associations

This legal insurance program provides assistance to board members of an association on all legal aspects concerning the association they manage. The lawyer helps them find a solution or an amicable settlement to a legal issue thus preventing further legal problem. This protection comprises also a financial indemnification.

If the association faces a litigation that is not covered by a directors’ & officers’ liability insurance policy or a professional liability insurance policy, the insured chooses a lawyer and the legal insurance covers the lawyer, expert and judicial fees up to the maximum coverage set out in the policy.