Real Estate and Mortgage Assistance

Selling or buying a property, taking out a mortgage are important financial transactions that can raise their share of questions. FBA Solutions' experts will be able to provide the answers.

Real estate assistance

Our team of lawyers and real estate specialists answers questions of your clients and members concerning their properties :

  • Title insurance
  • Market value and price comparison for similar properties
  • Buying and selling process
  • Additional costs involved when buying a property
  • Terms of a brokerage contract and the real estate broker’s obligations
  • Pre-purchase inspection and warning to buyers (hidden defects)

Mortgage assistance

FBA Solutions’ team of mortgage specialists and lawyers will provide your clients and members valuable information concerning mortgages. They explain in plain language the rights and obligations with respect to a mortgage contract.

  • Different types of mortgages
  • Terms and mortgage rates
  • Contract and clauses
  • Role of the mortgage brocker
  • Financial institutions and other mortgage lenders
  • Cancellations and associated penalties