Travel Assistance

Going away and staying near assistance anywhere on the globe!

Travel assistance

FBA offers a travel assistance service providing rapid help and advice when emergency situations occur while on a trip.


  • Theft or loss of luggage
  • Loss of important documents
  • Embassies
  • Customs
  • Accomodations
  • Political situations
  • Etc.


This service combined with the Travel concierge service provides your clients and members with the assistance of our team while away. They can find tickets, make restaurant reservations, find rare objects or spectacular sites.


Trip planning

May the trip be by train, boat, car or airplane, this service includes the preparation of a personalized itinerary, booking, advices and recommendations for anything concerning a business trip or leisure vacations.


Itinerary, maps, train schedules or other necessary documentation, information on points of interest, local attractions or security advices, customs, visas, vaccines and much more. Our assistance providers are eager to help your clients and members and share with them advice that will save them time.




Trip interruption

This service is offered when the trip must be interrupted for major reasons. Depending on the contract, it may include reimbursement of expenses such as accomodations, meals, taxis, etc. It helps alleviate the inconvenient caused by the interruption.

Health assistance

It is reassuring to have access to medical resources even while abroad, especially if traveling with young children. Your clients and members will be able to speak with nurses with a least 5-year experience, through medical assistance and ask health-related questions covering topics such as general health, medication, allergies, first aid and even get referrals.