Health Assistance

Health issues are at the heart of the concerns of Canadian families. People benefitting from FBA Solutions' Health Assistance can rapidly access competent and caring medical professionals watching over their health and the one of their families.

Help for a healthier life!

FBA gives your clients and members access to a team of professional nurses with at least five years of experience to answer all of their general and health-related questions. FBA completes its health assistance program with valued services such as mobile health care services, virtual clinic, companion services, health assistance and mental health assistance. These services can be offered solo or  bundled with complementary services such as Dietitian’s Assistance or Babysitting Assistance to create a unique and exclusive program for your organization.


Health Assistance

By talking to our nurses, your clients and members will be able to make more informed health decisions for themselves and their family. This service will also help alleviate concerns about:


  • Health-related questions
  • Injuries
  • Medications
  • Food allergy and other allergies
  • Intolerance
  • Intoxication
  • Child development
  • Vaccines
  • Medical follow-ups and treatments
  • Etc.


People also find our referrals to local resources very useful. We make referrals to local organizations such as:

  • Childcare centres
  • Senior citizen centres
  • Suicide prevention centres
  • Other resources both from the private and public sectors


Home nursing assistance

FBA will send a nurse to your customer’s home to provide the care needed for recovery. Upon recommendation by the physician, the nurse or patient attendant may provide care and services:


  • Give injections
  • Change dressings
  • Follow-up state of health or hygene

Virtual health care services

The most recent technological developments make it possible to offer virtual medical consultations and follow-ups with doctors trained to deliver very useful and high quality mobile health care services.


Easy to use and confidential, this service enables your clients and members to reach a medical professional using a smart phone, tablet or computer.  Timely access to medical professionals can alleviate the concerns as they can give e-prescriptions and e-lab requisitions, arrange for next-day prescription delivery and do medication coaching and management.



Stimulation and motivation assistance

When a person is recovering and needs help to regain his autonomy to carry out his daily activities, a professional is sent to your clients or members’  home and offers stimulation and motivation assistance such as physical therapy and occupational therapy.

It can occur when mobility is reduced after a surgery or when a serious illness creates balance issues or reduces muscular strength.


If rest is required for health reasons after surgery, a serious illness or treatment, FBA will send someone to your customer’s home to provide companionship during the recovery period. This assistance service can be particularly valuable in these situations:


  • Hospital discharge post surgery of an elderly person
  • Young person returning home from hospital following depression, surgery or serious illness or treatment.


The program can also include a transportation accompaniment service to attend medical appointments, hospital treatments or external clinic treatments for cases such as cancer treatment or dialyses.


Housekeeping assistance

When illness strikes or coming home from hospital after surgery, a serious illness or treatment, or in the case where  a mother returns home after a complicated delivery, doing light housework can be a burden.

FBA Solutions can help and quickly send out an experienced housekeeper to do light housework at the house of your clients or members. The housekeeper will do:


  • Laundry
  • Dishes
  • Light meal preparation
  • Everyday housekeeping chores


Mental health assistance

Prompt and effective action in the event of mental health can make a difference in the lives of your clients and members. Through an assistance telephone line, they will access healthcare professionals and get answers to their questions, sound advice and referrals.



Moral support

FBA will provide professional telephone support to your clients and members who are going through a difficult time:


  • Accident
  • Death
  • Serious illness
  • Separation, divorce
  • Depression, suicide
  • Problems with drinking, drugs or gambling
  • Postpartum problems
  • Etc.



When all the actions should aim at recovering after an illness or a surgery, the FBA team can provide a helping hand with other issues : offer advice, identify solutions to everyday problems or assist with an emergency situation related to home.


With many products related to Health Assistance, FBA Solutions can add a referral service to qualified professionals, local resources such as childcare centers, senior citizen centers, suicide prevention centers or other resources from both the private and public sectors.