Roadside Assistance

Hit the road safely with the assurance of a peaceful journey, it's possible with FBA Solutions roadside assistance. A service ensuring your clients and members all the necessary services for perfect rides and trips!

Roadside assistance

In the event of trouble on the road, your clients and members receive assistance from our team for comprehensive assistance. This much appreciated coverage can include one or many of these services offered as a bundle:


  • Towing service
  • Battery service
  • Flat tire assistance
  • Fuel, oil and fluid delivery
  • Loss of keys or emergency lock-out assistance


The emergency roadside assistance is offered 24 hours a day, 365 days per year in the event of failure or mechanical breakdown.

Vehicle expert assistance

Specialists working at our automotive help desk provide specific information that will save your customers time and money. The following types of advice are available:

Service offered by our team of automotive specialists:

  • Mechanical advice
  • Cost comparisons for regular repairs or comparisons of different types of vehicles
  • Car repair referrals
  • Access to our network of approved service providers


Travel assistance

FBA Solutions offers a trip planning assistance service meeting the highest standards of the professional concierge service industry. This assistance service brings solutions to emergency situations and advice to clients and members as they drive along the road.



Trip planning

Trip planning will delight your clients and members with its personalized itinerary including detailed road maps to requested destination, approximate travel times, information on points of interest and local attractions, hotels, camping sites, travel safety advice and practical tips.  Packing the bags is the only thing left to do!

Trip interruption

This service is offered when a vehicle breaks down with trip interruption occurring over 200 km from the residence. The service comprises reimbursement of expenses (hotel, meals, etc.).