Insurance, warranties and claims

The assistance providers and adjustment experts at FBA Solutions work together to efficiently manage claims. Their exceptional work guarantees an optimized process of indemnisation issues for your clients and members.

Thoughtful, smooth and timely claims management

FBA Solutions’ adjusters manage a great volume of claims from clients across Canada. Each case is handled efficiently through tested and proven processes that guarantee a resolution in a timely manner. At FBA Solutions, our customers benefit from a multidisciplinary team composed of experts in adjustments, lawyers and claim accountants. We respect the highest standards of both quality and confidentiality.

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Insurance and warranty plans for household appliances and systems

The assistance providers at FBA Solution will help your clients and members in the occurrence of a failure or defect of covered appliances and residential systems :

  • Household appliances
  • Heating system
  • Air-conditioning system
  • Plumbing
  • Electricity


They make sure to send prequalified technicians to analyse the situation and, if necessary, make the necessary repairs. Service includes claim management.


Warranties offered to credit card holders

FBA Solution handles the protection plans associated with credit cards offered by financial institutions:
extended warranty on goods, coverage in the case of theft or loss of baggage, price protection and many more types of products that enrich customer experience.

Insurance and warranty products for real estate transactions

Property ownership brings its share of worries and delicate situations. FBA Solutions’ products that lighten worries associated with a real estate transaction, whether before or after the fact, provides real value to your clients, brokers and members in highly competitive markets. Our products comprise compensation in the occurence of :

  • Delays in the conclusion of the transaction
  • Withdrawal of a buyer
  • Death that impacts the transaction
  • Identity theft
  • Job loss
  • Etc.

To these protections, FBA Solutions can bundle other products that will add value to the program, like :

Vehicle related coverage

For its clients, FBA Solution handles a large array of warranty and insurance plans regarding vehicles, like :

  • Replacement warranty
  • Warranty in the event of a mechanical breakdown
  • Tires and rims replacement
  • Etc.


These protection plans can be applied towards different types of vehicles and even to bicycles. Combined to road assistance and to concierge services, these protections form a program that is much appreciated by consumers.

Insurance and warranty plans for the owners of rental properties

The life of a landlord can be stressful at times, with situations ranging from vacant spaces to hidden defects and damages to the property. Thankfully, our protection programs for owners of rental properties can help your clients and members that may experience such situations.